I have learned so much about my body, how to treat it, what it wants and what it needs from Rado Nutrition – Lisa Rado. She has helped me more than I can convey in these few words. I no longer make nutritional or fitness based decisions without first speaking to her. I am forever thankful and and will continue progressing towards my fitness and nutritional goals. THANK YOU, Rado Nutrition!

Ivan Sergei
Ivan SergeiActor

The craziest thing happened to me when I did the Rado Nutrition Detox that I never expected… my horrible, painful monthly period was gone!

Jennifer Fugo
Jennifer FugoGluten Free School

RADO Nutrition has had a huge impact on my daily life and on my diet in general. I have lost over 25lbs by doing the RADO Nutrition Detox and sticking to Lisa Rado’s dietary plan.

Michele Hamburger
Michele HamburgerRADO Nutrition Client

Thanks to Rado Nutrition for helping me get my body on track. Rado Nutrition has given me the energy and motivation to achieve my goals. Not only have I lost weight but I am living a healthier lifestyle.

Courtney Milham
Courtney MilhamRADO Nutrition Client

As an elite runner, I used RADO Nutrition products the entire 100-mile run. I was the first female to complete the 100 miles. From that point on, I knew I would never switch products.

Jamie Atkinson
Jamie AtkinsonMother & Elite Runner

Thanks to RADO Nutrition, my goals are now within reach! Not only did they expand my knowledge on nutrition, they broadened the horizon of what my body is capable of.

Christina Frye
Christina FryePatient Care Assistant

It is not often when you meet a woman having both a wealth of information and the passion to want to help you. If you are lucky enough to work with Lisa you have found a gem! She listens not only with her ears but with her heart. She will immediately put you at ease as you gain the most relevant researched recommendations. I value our work together and know I will keep coming back for more!

Alexis Ufland
Alexis UflandFounder LexiDesign

I went from misery to feeling great in less than 7 days. Thank you Lisa Rado

Brian Anderson
Brian AndersonPresident North America The Judge Group